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5 Factors Influencing the Cost of Professional Handover Cleaning in Singapore


Handover cleaning is an essential service provided by professional cleaning companies to help landlords and property owners prepare their spaces for new tenants. It is a comprehensive cleaning process that includes deep cleaning, sanitizing, and removing any hazardous waste materials. The cost of handover cleaning in Singapore can vary depending on several factors, including the size and condition of the property, the scope of work required, timing, urgency, reputation, and experience of the cleaning company, and any additional services required.


Size and condition of the property

The size and condition of a property are crucial factors in the cost of cleaning services. A larger property demands more time and resources for thorough cleaning. Similarly, properties that are in poor condition demand more extensive cleaning and naturally cost more. Factors such as the building’s age, the number of tenants, and the flooring type can further affect the property’s state and, consequently, the cleaning costs. If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative, following a step by step guide to DIY handover cleaning can be helpful if you only need minor cleaning and repairs. 


Scope of handover work required


The scope of work required for handover cleaning services is another vital factor that impacts the cost. The scope of work can vary depending on the needs of the property owner or landlord. Some of the common tasks performed during handover cleaning services include floor cleaning, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, dusting and wiping down surfaces, removing cobwebs, and cleaning windows. However, some properties may require additional work, such as cleaning air conditioning units, removing stains from carpets, or repainting walls. The benefit of professional handover cleaning is that experts can efficiently handle such diverse requirements, tailoring their services to meet the specific needs of each property. The more extensive the scope of work required, the higher the cost of the cleaning services.


Timing and urgency of the handover

The timing and urgency of the handover also play a role in determining the cost of handover cleaning services. If the cleaning needs to be completed on short notice, the cleaning company may need to allocate additional resources or work overtime to meet the deadline. This can result in higher costs. Before they begin, it’s wise to prepare your home for handover cleaning to streamline the process and potentially save on costs. Additionally, if the property has been vacant for an extended period, it may require more extensive cleaning, which can also increase the cost.


Reputation and experience of the Handover Cleaning Service


The reputation and experience of the handover cleaning service provider can also impact the cost of the service. Choosing the best handover cleaning service is crucial, as a reputable and experienced cleaning company is likely to charge more for their services. However, this can also provide peace of mind to property owners and landlords, as they can be assured of high-quality cleaning services. On the other hand, inexperienced or unprofessional cleaners may offer lower prices, but the quality of their work may be subpar, resulting in additional costs for property owners in the long run.


Additional services required


When choosing between DIY and professional handover cleaning, one must also consider any extra services required. The cost of handover cleaning services may depend on the additional services requested by the property owner or landlord. For example, if the property requires pest control services or specialized cleaning services, such as parquet floor polishing, the cost of the cleaning services may be higher. It is essential to discuss any additional services required with the cleaning company beforehand to ensure that the cost is included in the quote.


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The price of handover cleaning services in Singapore fluctuates based on various considerations such as the property’s size and state, the extent of cleaning needed, when it’s done, how urgent it is, the cleaning company’s reputation and expertise, and any extra services needed. One common mistake to avoid when hiring professional handover cleaning services is failing to consider all these factors, which can lead to either overspending or compromising on quality. By working with a reputable and experienced cleaning company like Handover Haus Singapore, you can ensure that your property is cleaned to the highest standards and prepared for new tenants.

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